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2 Gedanken zu “Küche-Spülstein-Domsjö-fertig

  • Fred Hekking

    I am looking for a sink like the one in the picture. I am in California USA and IKEA doesn’t have this sink anymore.
    What I am looking for is either a farm sink or Apron sink. 36″ wide and 25″ or 26″ deep, single bowl in white.
    Can you please let me know where I can either order one or any local distributors here in California.
    Thank you for your help

    Fred Hekking

    • Klaus Autor des Beitrags

      Dear Fred,

      unfortunately i have no advice regarding that for you. What about the Ikea guys – they had no idea either? Only thing i have for you is the truism: Google is your friend.

      kinde regards